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Professional Accounting Services

Common accounting services include tax preparation and consultation, tracking expenses and revenues, and so much more. Accounting is about producing accurate financial records and maintaining efficient bookkeeping practices. Providing access to business insurance providers (professional Indemnity insurance, tax investigation, business liability), services (advice on financial services products, such as mortgages, pensions, and life insurance).


Many Accounting services may provide an in-house Bookkeeper or they could have a team of external Bookkeepers ready to collate and analysis financial information in a format that can be readily accessed by the Accountant.

Bookkeepers and accountants

These are as essential to the business as its operating employees. You need someone to manage your money as your business grows. This is where bookkeepers and accountants come in.


When the industry was hard-drive and paper-based, it was a hassle for businesses to change their accountant. Now, with much less (if any) paper involved, businesses can switch with just a few clicks.


Find anything wrong with your current accountant? Just look up another local based Accountancy business and switch, it’s that easy. Looking for proactive accountants who could provide you with up-to-date information in the least amount of time possible, contact Elite Business Accounting Limited, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Online accounting

Most Accountants these days use a professional online accounting package, whether it is SAGE, Xero, Iris etc. Some of the packages are easily accessible by the client, by using the relevant software, they can readily upload their financial information on a daily basis.

When an online service is used correctly by the client, generally this can have a positive result for the client as the need for a Bookkeeper is negated. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the client is able to complete and submit proper books and records to HMRC, as the detailed complexity of accounts would still need to be analysed and compiled by a professional financial person, ie an Accountant.

The adoption of IT and telecommunications technology is also expected to increase, providing an opportunity for firms offering online and cloud-based services.


Elite Business Accounting Limited offers a payroll service for Directors and employees. We take the jargon of payroll and advise the best way to ensure satisfaction and compliance on behalf of all.

This service ensures accuracy in tax rates and regulatory information. It provides the maintenance of financial records of employee’s income, deductions, and bonuses.

Forensic accounting

We, as accountants, offer services in the tracking of missing funds that may appear at the course of the financial report. Elite works hand in hand with law enforcement agents. For effective delivery of this accounting service then its essential for the business owners to be transparent with their forensic assistants concerning any tax evasion or fraud or any financial problem.

Accounts receivable

This accounting service helps in boosting the collection rate of a company, reduce the period of payments, and ensure fast processing of invoices.

Therefore, regardless of the type of accounting service, all accountants generally help in the assessment of finances of a given business, bookkeeping and recording and analyzing all business transactions.

The accounting services differ depending on experience, business environment, and management status. It is essential to know the appropriate type of accounting service that your business a requires.

You can also seek professional help from specialised accountants. Accounting services have to comply with the laws and regulations of the company as well as those of the country.

Bank reconciliation

This service ensures accurate bookkeeping of financial records and helps to find any discrepancy. Elite helps in providing the business cuts down on expenses and protect fraud

Accounting auditing

Auditing gives detailed financial information about the business. The auditors are involved validating and ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and reports.

Familiarity with accounting

If financial statements are confusing, having a hard time creating reports, or lost when it comes to Accounting terms, it is likely you need an accountant, to start with, to teach you all things financial.

At Elite, we talk to you in straight terms, sift through terminology, and show you how to manage your own finances.

In addition, you don’t want to miss the key information or make mistakes early that could cost you down the road. An accountant can start you and your business off on the right track.

Income is increasing but profit isn’t

If you are selling more than ever, but you aren’t seeing a higher profit. We at Elite can take an objective look at your overhead costs and point out areas where you can cut costs or make other adjustments to increase your profit margins.

Your business is growing

Making more money is a great thing. However, as you grow, you will also serve more customers, hire more employees, take on additional sales, and more.

All of those things require more paperwork and number crunching, and it could rapidly become impossible for you to manage, this is where having an reliable team to look after your financial affairs.

Paperwork takes you away from more important tasks

You may have some working knowledge of accounting, but managing your books is preventing you from accomplishing tasks that could directly grow your business (for example, acquiring new clients or moving into new markets) or managing your business effectively (such as dealing with performance issues or troubleshooting service problems).

Engaging an accountant is the answer so you can focus on winning more business, innovating, building your team, and other development activities.

You’re facing an enquiry

An accountant will guide you through this messy process by preparing you to manage the audit or by working with HMRC on your behalf. We can save your precious time and money, and offer guidance during a particularly stressful time.

Elite has had great experience and success in dealing with enquiries and investigations, liaising with HMRC, and other areas of compliance, such as Companies House and VAT.

Probate accountancy

Elite has had experience in dealing with probate accounts on behalf of Executors and family. At Elite we are empathetic and sympathetic to the family’s needs during such a painful time. We would deal directly with the Executors and Solicitors to ensure all financial transitions were handled swiftly and professionally.

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