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In Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, our specialist accountants can offer financial knowledge to a wide range of clients across a variety of creative industries. If this sounds like you, then get in touch today!

Welcome to Elite Business Accounting

Bexhill-On-Sea offers an excellent launch pad for creative companies, and at Elite Business Accounting we work with all kinds of freelancers, contractors and small businesses to provide a solid accounting foundation in a sector that has the potential to be unpredictable and fast paced.

Elite Business Accounting is a leading accountancy firm specialising in the creative, media, TV, and graphic design industries. Apart from taking care of your tax, we offer bookkeeping and payroll services, can act as your virtual CFO and provide tailored accounting solutions.

We work with both self-employed designers, small creative agencies and limited media companies. If you want to boost your business finances and are looking for an accountant, check out our services today!

Elite Small Business Accountants in Bexhill-On-Sea

Managing your finances while remaining tax compliant can be a daunting task. You need proactive advice from professional tax advisers to help you manage your tax affairs and accounts.

We provide tailored solutions to small businesses in Bexhill-On-Sea, such as taking care of your payroll, helping you file your tax returns, and monthly management reports.

Elite VAT and Tax Return Accountants Bexhill-On-Sea

Managing taxes is a complex task that should be done carefully and accurately. If you are a creative operating in Bexhill-On-Sea, then we are here to provide you with excellent tax planning options.

Our expert accountants will help you understand your tax obligations, assist you with registering and filing your tax returns, and ensure that you are completely compliant at all times.

Check out the package that suits your company and let our accountant take your tax worries away by submitting your returns.

Elite Payroll Management Services in Bexhill-On-Sea

Payroll management is a sensitive task carried out at a specific time of the week or month. We can relieve the pressure of payrolls and help you calculate your PAYE, holiday pay and overtime pay, among many other benefits.
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Xero Silver Partners

You need the right solutions to ensure that you access the best accounting service. Xero is an innovative online accounting software used for real-time analysis and management of accounts and finances.

At Elite Business Accounting, we are Silver Xero Partners, which means that we know all the tips and tricks when it comes to using Xero software.

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Elite Virtual CFO services

If you are time poor or need help navigating your accounting challenges, then why not invest in our Virtual CFO solutions.

We will guide you on the best ways to achieve your goals and offer exceptional accountancy services to our creative clients, such as financial analysis, bookkeeping and accounts management, tax planning, and filing returns.

Specialist Accounting for Creatives

Are you a copywriter, videographer, digital designer, or film director in the Bexhill-On-Sea, area? As a specialist accountant, we can help you monitor your payroll, expenses, and taxes submissions, enabling you to focus on maintaining your creative flow.

Specialist Accountants for Graphic Designers

Establishing a graphic design business can be pretty challenging. You need to focus on securing new leads, growing your company, and completing projects on time for your client. For this reason, you need a highly experienced accountant to take care of your financial records, bookkeeping, and tax returns and advice.

Whether you are a freelance graphic designer or operating as a limited company, we have a package for you and can tailor solutions as per your needs.

Media Accountants

Are you looking for a media accountant to provide you with financial, accountancy, and tax advice in the entertainment and media industry? We understand the challenges specific to your industry and can offer you a bespoke service that will allow you to remain tax compliant and maintain a consistent flow of content.

Are you ready to begin? Contact Elite Business Accounting

Do you need an accountant to help you improve your accounts management? Elite Business Accounting provides a wide range of specialised accountancy services to businesses in the creative sector, regardless of their size.

We work both on and off-site, depending on our client’s needs. Let us help you manage your accounts by enabling you to access expert advice for your business in Bexhill-On-Sea.

Contact us on 01323 405798, book an appointment via our website, or visit our office for all your accounting needs.

We also offer our services in Brighton.

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