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Elite Business Accounting Ltd offers a range of accounting services to clients who want to run their own business, without having to stress about any tax or vat filing deadlines. We operate across East Sussex with clients also in Kent and London.

Do you want to build a thriving business?

To increase your profits and make informed strategic decisions you need the correct information to hand at the right time. We work with ambitious business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Elite will take care of all your business financial processes, including your year end accounts. We will guide you through your management accounts and help you understand your numbers and exactly how they can help you run your business better to increase profits, giving you more time back to do what you want to do, like spending time with your family, booking that luxury holiday, or taking up surfing lessons! Together let’s push those profits through the roof!

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Stefanie Dillaway Accountant

Stefanie Dillaway - Accountant & Virtual FD

“I help savvy business owners build thriving businesses so they have more cash in the bank, more leisure time, and increased happiness.”
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